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I’m Asia Myers,

 A long-term expatriate residing in Japan. I am an Alumnus of The University of Hawaii of Manoa specializing in Asian Studies. I am  Yogimeter System and Positive Intelligence certified, and a soon-to-be a certified Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach from Transformation Academy. I specialize in overcoming anxiety as well as setting and achieving goals by assisting clients with lifestyle adjustments and changes that they desire. 



Free To Be You Life Coaching Inc. focuses solely on the client. The purpose of the agency is to assist each client with formulating and accomplishing goals at their pace while learning techniques to help with fears and anxiety.

As someone who has experienced anxiety for most of my life, I understand the complexities that come with the condition. I have experienced the issues that many with anxiety are facing. Social and lifestyle adaptation, personal and business relationship development, depression, setting boundaries, and creating and acting on new goals to set a new path to create a happier more fulling life.

My philosophy is not to give you the answers but to guide you to answers that you already know. Everyone knows what they want and need to create the life that they desire. Sometimes we just need a little help finding the answers. Free to Be You Life Coaching Inc. uses down-to-earth proven methods such as MindMastery, Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, and the Yogimeter system to help you build the life that you desire and deserve. Ultimately your life is what you make of it. Together we can find that inner voice that has all the answers you need to make your life the way you envisioned it to be.

At Free To Be You Life Coaching Inc. there is no goal too big or too small; together we can accomplish any goal that works towards you living the life you desire! 

Make an appointment today to have a free 30 minutes Discovery Session. Also, join me on my podcast and Instagram to start your journey to create the life that you desire.


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